Large catalogue of Songs & Music including:

"Diana - a Tribute to the People's Princess" -- Film Score

"Once Upon a Time" -- Score for Musical

Lyrics by Norman Newell -- Music by Roger Webb

Directed by Gillian Lynne -- Designed by Tony Walton

Original production at the Duke of York's Theatre, London

Songs include:

In the Wonderful World of Make Believe
The Three Bears
Three Famous Pussycats
The Owl and The Pussycat
We Love Going to a Party
No-one Asks Us To a Party
Why Does Everyone Hate Us?
Little Red Riding Hood's Song
Royal March
The Queen of Hearts
Make Your Own Rainbow
Farmyard Barn Dance
The Scarecrow Song
The Silver Sleigh Ride
Everybody Love the Sun But Me
Adventure All The Fun of The Fair
(Welcome to) the Circus
Life's A Roundabout (The Roundabout Song)

Recording available on Chandos Records


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