Television Series

"Riders" - Mini-series. (Anglia Films)
"Paradise Posponed" - 12 hour series. (Euston Films)
"Sylvania Waters" - Documentary Series. (B.B.C)
"The Gentle Touch" - (LWT)
"Strange Report" - ITC ABC Networks U.S.A
"Eischied" CBS
"Hammer House of Horror" - ATV
"Something in Disguise" - Thames
"Armchair Theatre"
"Armchair Thriller"
"Shadows of Fear"
"Miss Jones and Son"
"Love Thy Neighbour"
"Quiet As A Nun"
"The Playwrights"
"The Sky is the Limit"
"I.T.N News Theme" (5.45)
"Astro Sheep" Animated cartoon series from Australia

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